Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breast Cancer Conference.

Chip and I just returned from a Breast cancer conference. It was specifically for Young survivors and we thought it was amazing!

We got to hear a lot about up and coming treatment and the best part was we met some amazing Young Women who I will never forget, one in particular that inspired me to be more positive about my diagnosis.

I cant control this disease that I have but I most definitely can control the way it affects me.

Monday morning after the conference we got up and drove to Daytona beach and just spent a quiet day together reflecting on all that the last year has brought us.

We are making a concious effort to be more positive and let go of the past. God is in charge of this ride and all we can do is hold on and make the best of it, trust that he has our best in mind.

I called home on Monday and Christian sounds like he misses us, he made Chip's mom pinky swear that they were going to come and get us from the airport on Tuesday.

Im so thankful for all of the kids, they are the light in my sometimes really crappy days and they help me to remember to have hope and gratitude for what we have!