Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breast Cancer Conference.

Chip and I just returned from a Breast cancer conference. It was specifically for Young survivors and we thought it was amazing!

We got to hear a lot about up and coming treatment and the best part was we met some amazing Young Women who I will never forget, one in particular that inspired me to be more positive about my diagnosis.

I cant control this disease that I have but I most definitely can control the way it affects me.

Monday morning after the conference we got up and drove to Daytona beach and just spent a quiet day together reflecting on all that the last year has brought us.

We are making a concious effort to be more positive and let go of the past. God is in charge of this ride and all we can do is hold on and make the best of it, trust that he has our best in mind.

I called home on Monday and Christian sounds like he misses us, he made Chip's mom pinky swear that they were going to come and get us from the airport on Tuesday.

Im so thankful for all of the kids, they are the light in my sometimes really crappy days and they help me to remember to have hope and gratitude for what we have!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I am currently trying to remember back to the time when I started being interested in boys..
Why I thought I had to be tied to one? Why I cared if one called me (or didn't call)?
I felt old when it happened but I am pretty sure I was only 15 maybe.
I may have feigned interest before that time but it wasn't because I really cared I just wanted to do what everyone else was doing.

So the reason all of this has come up and has had me wandering down memory lane, Is because Samantha has decided she has gotten to the point where she (thinks) she has to have one in her life.
Now mind you the boy in question is nice enough, he is involved in school stuff, he seems respectful enough.
For some reason though it has brought on a whole new set of problems that I really could live without.

We have always had the "NO DATING RULE" until you are 16. I'm pretty sure that she has known about this rule since at least kindergarten.
Not because I think a boy will ruin her life before that, but because I want her to worry about school, friends, family, her extracurricular stuff at school.
For some reason girls have a hard time with this. All of those things don't seem to quite matter when all they want is the boy.

Sammy of all the kids has always been mature for her age. Has had to be mature at times because of the things going on around her. She is an amazing young woman. Her mother is just not ready for the things that come with this new fascination.
I swear it was not that long ago that is was me dealing with it.
How do I have a daughter that is that old already. They grow up way to fast!

To say the least we are trying to be as positive about it as we can, and HOPE that all the things we have taught her will prevail.
Just a little note for her..You are beautiful and talented, outgoing,and an amazing friend.
You don't need a boy to be any of those things. He can come along for the ride but if he isn't on board with who you need to be..........he doesn't need to be there..

So for any of you with advice or a great way to get us through the teenage years please advise..LOL

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Halloween this year was so fun....
Not only was it the first year that Christian could really participate, but we loved the way that the whole neighborhood got involved and made it really fun for the kids.
They completely shut down all of the roads coming in and out and had everyone park at the High School and walk in.
No one had to worry about the traffic and cars and trying to keep the kids out of the road!
All the families had their houses decorated and everyone was outside to enjoy the night with the kids!
Christian had a blast he loved that people just kept putting his favorite things in his pumpkin. When it got to heavy for him to carry he would just hand us everything that he got!
The older two have for the most part grown out of the whole thing. Gavin still dressed up this year but he (like Chip) find more fun in just scaring people.
Isabelle decided to dress up like a clown and I think that this is the first year she felt really comfortable in what she was wearing.
She was a complete ham all night and loved entertaining us all with her crazy dances and non-stop giggles!
They are all growing up so fast!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


About 3 weeks ago we took Gavin in for some medical tests. He had been having these brief periods where he would kind of black out and not be aware of what was going on around him.
At first we thought he was being the typical 12 year old and was selecting not to here us, but I guess that wasnt the case.
When they continued to get more and more frequent I really started to worry about him, so we took him to the Dr.
The neurologist did some tests and told us that he has epilepsy, WOW!
That was all that I could say I was to say the least very suprised, worried, scared, mad!
We never want any harm to come to our children and it just seemed like he had enough dumped on him the last few years without having to deal with this.
We are still in the trial stage with the medication and he has good and bad days.
The medicine makes him sick, but on the days that he feels ok I finally feel like I have my old Gavin back.
He was not very happy about the diagnosis either it took all of his fun stuff away. No Football, video games, computer games!
Those are about all of his favorite things.
So he is adjusting and I am very proud of him. School is a struggle with the seizures and the side effects from the medicine but he is trying.
I know that God has a reason for everything, and I think that this is teaching all of us in this family a few things.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Football! Football! Football!

So the newest endevour around here is Football
Ian for the last (I dont know forever)...has been begging and begging us to let him play football.
Well until this year he hasnt been old enough to play. Well he turned 8 the 17th of August and was eagerly awaiting the time he could sign up.
To say the least he has had one thing on his mind since then.
"What time is practice, how many days this week do we have practice, Do we get to wear all of our equipment today, Do we get to tackle today"? and so on and so on.
So he is more than happy that Football is in full swing!
Gavin has said all along he wants absolutely nothing to do with Football. Basketball is all that he wants to play and he didnt want us bugging him about playing Football.
So I dont know if it was seeing how excited Ian was every night after practice or just watching them play, but all of a sudden he is really interested!
Being a little apprehensive about him changing his mind, we made him go to a few of the practices before we got him committed to it.
He loves it!
I love seeing him find anything that interests him other than playing video games!
It has made things a little crazy around the house with Football 5 nights a week, and my starting my new job. Seeing those two roll around in the mud (most days) and enjoy it makes it all worth while!