Monday, August 25, 2008

Football! Football! Football!

So the newest endevour around here is Football
Ian for the last (I dont know forever)...has been begging and begging us to let him play football.
Well until this year he hasnt been old enough to play. Well he turned 8 the 17th of August and was eagerly awaiting the time he could sign up.
To say the least he has had one thing on his mind since then.
"What time is practice, how many days this week do we have practice, Do we get to wear all of our equipment today, Do we get to tackle today"? and so on and so on.
So he is more than happy that Football is in full swing!
Gavin has said all along he wants absolutely nothing to do with Football. Basketball is all that he wants to play and he didnt want us bugging him about playing Football.
So I dont know if it was seeing how excited Ian was every night after practice or just watching them play, but all of a sudden he is really interested!
Being a little apprehensive about him changing his mind, we made him go to a few of the practices before we got him committed to it.
He loves it!
I love seeing him find anything that interests him other than playing video games!
It has made things a little crazy around the house with Football 5 nights a week, and my starting my new job. Seeing those two roll around in the mud (most days) and enjoy it makes it all worth while!

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