Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Halloween this year was so fun....
Not only was it the first year that Christian could really participate, but we loved the way that the whole neighborhood got involved and made it really fun for the kids.
They completely shut down all of the roads coming in and out and had everyone park at the High School and walk in.
No one had to worry about the traffic and cars and trying to keep the kids out of the road!
All the families had their houses decorated and everyone was outside to enjoy the night with the kids!
Christian had a blast he loved that people just kept putting his favorite things in his pumpkin. When it got to heavy for him to carry he would just hand us everything that he got!
The older two have for the most part grown out of the whole thing. Gavin still dressed up this year but he (like Chip) find more fun in just scaring people.
Isabelle decided to dress up like a clown and I think that this is the first year she felt really comfortable in what she was wearing.
She was a complete ham all night and loved entertaining us all with her crazy dances and non-stop giggles!
They are all growing up so fast!

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